About Us

Prometix designs implements and supports solutions based on Microsoft Technologies that help our client’s staff to more easily use and share information as individuals and in teams. This allows people to perform their jobs more efficiently to reduce operational costs and risk, improve productivity and increase competitiveness.

Our business is about combining our technical and creative skills and blending these perfectly to deliver compelling business tools and digital experiences for all users.

Our role is to understand your need for change, challenge your assumptions and provide insights gained from many years of project delivery experience across industries including Health and Healthcare, Government, Non for Profit, Property and Education.

Over the years we have developed a large amount of pre-built Microsoft Solutions that can be quickly deployed to deliver measurable results fast. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring the solutions we develop are widely and quickly adopted by the users.

Our services include business analysis, system design and development on the SharePoint Platform to deliver cost effective intranets and websites, document and records management and digital asset management Systems.

The need for improved efficiency, compliance requirements and the desire to deliver new services to users is driving many Information technology initiatives which can become complex due to the many sources of data within most organisations. Because there is not a single solution for all needs Prometix offers a range of approaches and solutions for mid to large sized businesses throughout Australia and Asia.