Distribution and Acknowledgements

As the policy document is ready to be distributed to your staff, the Acknowledgement feature will allow nominating user groups for a read receipt. Customisable emails helps sending appropriate message to your staff as they read and understand the policy.

The tool will allow for nominated users to review the outcomes of the Acknowledgement request sent to the staff and ensure that the all your staff have read, understood and acknowledged the new policy.

Some of our clients need a controlled way to ensure their staff have understood the contents of policy. The Testing feature allows to set up a test on the policy. Once the test questions are set you can also decide the pass percentage and the staff can only acknowledge a read receipt once they have passed the test.

Other features include –
  • Send notification to your staff as policy is published
  • Request acknowledgement for your staff with optional test/quiz
  • Multiple Acknowledgement on the same policy document (to support policy distribution by each department)
  • Pre-populate multiple email templates to be sent during policy distribution
  • Track progress for the Acknowledgements/test
  • Efficient test management


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