Solutions must either remove a constraint from the business or provide an opportunity that previously did not exist.

Prometix solutions are designed to allow staff to quickly find information and complete tasks to perform their jobs more efficiently. We work with clients to understand the underlying business drivers for change

With many years of experience across multiple technologies, the role of Prometix is to provide value to our clients based on insights we have gained in relevant industries and technologies. It is our view that the solution is not delivered until the objective of the project is reached, and the benefits realized.

We also understand that solutions are not just about technology. Our focus is on delivering pragmatic, well thought out solutions quickly and with the needs of the user foremost in our minds. A solution is the combination of technology, people and process management.

We have experience in delivering dynamic solutions including Intranets, websites, document and record management systems, and collaboration tools to markets including health, property, government and finance.

Intranets & Portals

An intranet in today’s organisations must be a true business tool, a place for doing things, not just reading things.

Unleash the power to provide a centralised system to manage content and communications, support employee productivity and provide staff with the information they need to get the job done.

Prometix prebuilt Intranet module allows to fast track the Intranet development process. This solution eliminates the need for developing various common Intranet functionalities from scratch and fast tracking the development process while reducing acquisition costs and ensuring maintainability with regard to future versions of SharePoint. This framework makes it easy for users to contribute content, ensures personalised experiences, and lays the foundation for widespread intranet adoption and use.



SharePoint provides the advanced Content Management System tools to deliver stunning websites where content can be managed by our business users without a total reliance on your technical resources.

Document & Records Management

Documents are the means by which information is converted into action.

Control your organisational information assets by leveraging Microsoft SharePoint to provide a platform ensuring secure access to the documents that drive your business.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is about the Business, not the System. Prometrix helps our clients establish an easy to use platform to support the business through the automated collection, aggregation and presentation of data to support decision making.


Documents are the means by which information is converted into action.

Automate your organisational processes by empowering your users with powerful tools built on Microsoft SharePoint platform.


Custom Applications

At prometix we understand that your business is unique. When combined with your overall IT Strategy, a custom developed application is able to meet unique requirements that cannot be met by ‘out of the box’ applications.

Intranet Content Challenges

Are you contented with your Intranet content

To begin with – A big salute to all Intranet content authors, you all are awesome!!!



Empower your enterprise applications with PowerApps

Microsoft has been coming out with helpful productivity tools in the way of apps for office 365, including Planner, Flow and Delve, to name a few.


Building Applications with Microsoft Flow

Go with the Flow (Microsoft Flow)

Microsoft Flow is a key component, helping to tie together the Microsoft cloud services (Office 365), as well as non-Microsoft cloud services.


Using Delve in your organisation

Using Delve in your organisation

Office 365 based Delve is a cloud-based service which helps users find and discover pertinent information


Microsoft Teams

Collaboration Simplified – Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announced last September its newest addition Microsoft Teams – the new chat based workspace for office 365.


Microsoft Group Vs Microsoft Teams

Office 365 Collaboration APPS

Digital is constantly evolving and bringing along positive changes to the organisation.


Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures – what do you need to know?

Organisations  plans for going paperless will come to a screeching halt when you need to get someone’s signature on a document.


NFP Digital workspace

Digital Workspaces for Not for Profit Organisations

NFPs  are embracing the digital pathway to better support their staff in maximizing donor interactions and fundraising.


SharePoint Governance

Governing your SharePoint – Part (1 of 5)

SharePoint Governance has become bigger than it actually has to be. It can almost be compared to the burden of carrying the heavy iron on your shoulder.



Key to successful SharePoint based solutions

Successful projects deliver the desired benefits and outcomes. We have been talking to various organisations and here are some lesson learned.


Digital workspace

Intranet your Digital Oasis

Intranets have been around for more than few decades and have evolved like any other business solution.


What is Document Management

Document Management – The Basics

Let’s face it, talking about document control or document management is probably not a topic you would pick to discuss at any gathering.


Your Intranet and Knowledge Management Hub

Pathway to Support staff productivity using Bots

For years organisations have been working on finding innovative ways to help support and enhance staff productivity.



It’s not a race: Transitioning to O365

Transitioning to Office 365 is not a race and needs appropriate analysis and structured approach.



SharePoint Extranet

Technology has speeded up the communication process both within an organisation and outside it.



Intranet for Millennial

Various studies have revealed that by the year 2020 millennial will be 50% of the workforce. Lately there has been


Naming your intranet

And the new Intranet is called . .

Intranets today are place to do things a tool that supports collaborative work practices allowing employees to achieve outcomes.


Office 365 QA

Quality Assurance for Office 365 Projects

Organisations today are increasing their focus on Quality Assurance for obvious reasons.


KM Trends

Knowledge and Documents Management Trends in 2016

Knowledge and Documents Management Trends in 2016


Enterprise Social

Facilitate Knowledge Management with Enterprise Social

Organisations are now producing unprecedented amounts of information.