Prometix specialise in delivering compelling customer experiences on the website Platform

An intuitive and personalised digital experience is foremost in our mind while considering Digital and web. Your users will connect with your business based on their convenience from anywhere and at any time.
Prometix produces exceptional designs that are made-to-measure. We work through a creative process and user research to design and develop a suitable identity and user experience which greatly factors in your audience.

Outcomes oriented approach
  • We provide your users with a clean and simple design that lets the user quickly know what functions are available and how they can be accessed.
  • Our design will direct users’ attention to areas of the site that support the objective to increase return visitors and participation in the service.
  • Our process is a combination of using leading edge design elements combined with known conventions. By using conventions (e.g. consistent RSS feed presentation, search etc.) users gain confidence using the site quickly and their expectations are better met
  • Our user testing process is iterative throughout the project to ensure a smooth experience for users
Design Stream

Iterative consultative process that involves the customer at every stage

Synthesise the business needs, the market environment, the customer audience and interpretative elements into a cohesive, visually appealing, targeted solution.

  • User Interface Design (Functional components)
  • Visual Design (Branding)
  • Information Architecture (Site Structure)
Technical Stream

Includes configuring and developing the technical solution to deliver the outcomes -

  • Customisation and configuration of out of the box components (e.g. Search)
  • Custom Theme development
  • Custom plugins


SharePoint products and technologies include features that make the software easier for more people to use, including people who have low vision, limited dexterity, or other disabilities.

SharePoint 2013 is compliant with WCAG 2.0 to level AA.


At Prometix, we truly believe that knowledge grows exponentially when shared. People, conversations and connections forms basis of learning the unknown supporting innovative thinking. With this aim we periodically keep adding our experiences, suggestions and tips in form of knowledge articles in our blog.

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