As we commence another year of accomplishments, learnings and improvements, it’s very clear that technology driven and outcomes focused disruptive trends will continue to transform the way we work. These innovative ways of working will only accelerate, future will only further challenge our agility.

Disruptive ideas are fueling our fast paced ever changing environment and organisations are working towards faster time to market driving their competitive edge. Amazon surprised us all few years back with their production deployment of every 11 seconds or so. That was awesome!

We acknowledge that Digital is creating and uncovering hidden potentials and is the backbone of innovation. For most, Digital Transformation across our organisation must have affected our daily working lives in last year or so. Cloud (and Hybrid Cloud), Customer experience, mobility, big data, analytics and more have been driving the shift in the transformation journey providing organisations opportunity for growth.

Bringing the various digital building blocks together for faster and easier decision making, providing easier access to information while empowering employees by connecting them to their peers and to their desired information, Digital Workspaces have played a very important part in this transformation journey and will further grow from strength to strength in coming years.These workspaces form the backbone of agile and responsive organisations in a true sense.

These workspaces and their purpose have evolved over time from simply providing value based services and outcomes to now providing actionable insights and centralised single point entry to the organisational digital information and much more. Following are just few ways Digital Workspaces are supporting our responsiveness along with culture of agility and commitment-

  • IoT ecosystem has given us a efficient ways of collecting data, allowing our analytics tool to help drive faster decisions.
  • Concepts around Machine learning and cognitive have become a reality.At Prometix we recently completed a proof of concept of a BOT solution that allows users to quickly book meetings (people and resources like meeting room etc.) without having to now spend time looking at the available meeting room and people’s availability.
  • Digital Workspaces will not just be a tool for office/desk workers. Front line workers and staff working in field need quick and easy access to various information and systems. O365 have now release licensing options for front line staff.
  • Knowledge Management is no longer specific to documents. Digital workspaces allows connecting your organisational information with people and context. At Prometix we have been working on enhancing our Auto-Tagging solution that allows to automate information tagging for easy search. Further we are also working on another BOT solution that interacts with users quickly providing them with key information upon request reducing need of calling someone for smallest of queries.
  • It’s very exciting to see mixed reality and the opportunities it provides for easy interaction better visualization supporting innovation


Over last year, at Prometix we have been conducting workshop/sessions around Digital Workspaces with various participants across various industry verticals and following key themes of conversations were surfaced around rolling out your Digital Workspaces initiatives –

  • Adoption, Training and effectively managing change remains the highest priority activity. There is a fear of Change Fatigue within organisations that needs to be carefully considered.
  • Digital is constantly evolving – business are demanding internal IT teams for Cloud, Mobile and innovative solutions to their problems and not just a technical solution
  • Don’t boil the ocean – with the vast amount of amazing applications that O365 has to offer, careful consideration and risk assessment needs to be made before switching these apps ‘ON’
  • Cloud demands for greater governance considerations and the only answer to the puzzle is timely planning
  • Organisations should consider Data centric approach to security rather than system/device centric approach


About Prometix: At Prometix, we design implement and support Microsoft based technology solutions that help our client’s staff to more easily use and share information as individuals and in teams. We work with our clients to establish a structure that makes information easier to create, store, find and share with others. We’ve worked hard to understand how people want to access and share information.

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