The need for improved efficiency, compliance requirements and the desire to deliver new services to users is driving Information Management initiatives

It is complex due to the many sources of data and there is not a simple solution for all needs

It is not just about technology, it is about business processes and making information easier for people to use – it is a combination of People, process, technology and content


What problems do you have

How can Prometix help

The need to access various systems to perform basic work functions and produce reports By providing a single platform that sits across all systems and is integrated with backend systems and Business Intelligence tools
New information stores (silos) being introduced with no planning to consider overall technology and Information Management strategy By establishing and adopting governance guidelines and an overall approach to managing unstructured data.
Poor quality information including lack of consistency, duplication and out of date information By enabling users to access timely information from an aggregated view of data across multiple systems
The inability for users to quickly find the information they need to perform their job By creating meaningful taxonomies and business data classification schemes (metadata)

By designing and implementing a Search facility that provides relevant and useful data to the user.

he cost of training for new employees or the need for new staff to re-invent the wheel to develop effective ways for them to access information they need to do their job By establishing and adopting IM governance guidelines

By developing an easy to use interface that is intuitive for the user

Limited or poor adoption of existing information systems by staff By integrating a formal change management and system adoption program
Data Security – Losing IP when employees leave the company By establishing and adopting IM governance guidelines
Users spending up to 20% of their time ‘looking’ for information By classifying business data effectively and implementing a well designed search facility to present the data


The objective of any information management project is to develop a capability and culture to manage data in an efficient and responsive manner to make information secure, easily accessible, meaningful, accurate and timely in a way that can support data driven decision making.


  1. Improves Data Quality and security
    • By removing numerous information silos a consolidated view of data from multiple systems is achieved avoiding the need to locate data from various sources
    • Refreshed data that can be set according to users needs
    • Clear guidelines are set around data receipt and management
    • Establishes guidelines around ownership of data
    • Standardised guidelines around handling and releasing information to meet compliance and retain company IP
  2. Enhances Process Efficiency and productivity
    • Provides a consistent information architecture that allows easy access to data by various user groups eliminating the need for users to access systems that are not designed for data delivery
    • Provides an intuitive information architecture that:
      • allows easy access to data for varying user groups
      • Eliminates the need to access data from systems not designed for data distribution
      • Reduces training time for new staff
    • Provides prompted, scheduled and ad hoc reports and queries and analytics
    • Self service tools for users that avoids the need to use technical staff to gather and distribute data to internal and external users.
  3. Decision making
    • An effective information management strategy allows a full life cycle view of data to allow I to be aligned with business strategies to provide a platform for effective decision making.

About Prometix: At Prometix, we have delivered several successful Knowledge & Documents Management solutions (using Microsoft technologies) that have made a difference for our clients. We work with our clients to establish a structure that makes information easier to create, store, find and share with others. We’ve worked hard to understand how people want to access and share information.

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