Policies & Procedures

(P3 – Policy Management)

Policy Management module (P3) works with your current business processes across various stakeholders and will significantly improve processes efficiency, remove the time consuming manual tasks, automate administrative tasks and help improve the compliance empowering the policy administrators with better control. It allows organizations to improve efficiency and achieve policy compliance through the centralized publication, distribution, and tracking of all policies and procedures.

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Policy Creation & Publishing

  • Author, review and approve policies based on your organisation processes.
  • Once approved and ready for your staff, one-click publish to your Company Intranet.
New/Existing Policy Workflows

Distribution & Acknowledgements

  • Send email notifications to your staff and request for their acknowledgement.
  • If required create a test to ensure staff understands the new policy.
Testing and Acknowledgement

Policy Monitoring & Control

  • Monitor your policy documents with an administrator dashboard.
  • Review outstanding tasks and ensure no policy is missed.
Dashboards and Reporting

Use existing Tools (Office, SharePoint, Active Directory, Inherit Branding)

Key Features
  • Reducing risk and repetitive tasks in OHS
  • Support Staff efficiency by Making these resources easily searchable and accessible
  • An audit proof organisation
  • Streamline compliance mechanism ensuring that your policies are current and central to your organisation’s day-to-day activities
  • Maximising the return on your compliance spend by leveraging your existing SharePoint investment
Key Benefits
  • Leverage your existing SharePoint Investment
  • Centralised Policy Management
  • Security
  • Powerful Search
  • Collaboration
  • Archiving
  • Workflow and Notifications


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