Solutions must either remove a constraint from the business or provide an opportunity that previously did not exist.Prometix solutions are designed to allow staff to quickly find information and complete tasks to perform their jobs more efficiently.
We work with you to understand the underlying business drivers for change. With many years of experience, the role of Prometix is to provide value to our customers based on insights we have gained in relevant industries and technologies.
It is our view that the solution is not delivered until the objective of the project is reached, and the benefits realized.We also understand that solutions are not just about technology.
Our focus is on delivering pragmatic, well thought out solutions quickly and with the needs of the user foremost in our minds. A solution is the combination of technology, people and process management.


At Prometix, we truly believe that knowledge grows exponentially when shared. People, conversations and connections forms basis of learning the unknown supporting innovative thinking. With this aim we periodically keep adding our experiences, suggestions and tips in form of knowledge articles in our blog.

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