Document & Records Management

In many companies documents represent the only tangible evidence of a service having taken place. Documents are the tools that connect working groups and link key business processes to the people who drive those processes. They are the means by which information is converted into action. Prometix utilise the SharePoint Platform to establish a structure for managing documents and other digital assets so that documents are easier to create, edit, store, retrieve and share with others, both within and outside the organisation.


  • Meet organisational and statutory compliance requirements
  • Improve information control by establishing clear sources of truth, reduce redundancy and duplication of information and version control
  • Improve user’s ability to find the right document quickly by providing metadata and robust search capabilities across all documents and records
  • Improved security, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorised access
  • Enable electronic records management and thereby improve compliance, including appropriate retention and disposal policies​​​​​​​​


At Prometix, we truly believe that knowledge grows exponentially when shared. People, conversations and connections forms basis of learning the unknown supporting innovative thinking. With this aim we periodically keep adding our experiences, suggestions and tips in form of knowledge articles in our blog.

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