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Demands of a Digital Workplace renders conventional Intranets obsolete

An intranet that simply provides a central location for content, distributes company communications and has a few links to admin documents & policies no longer delivers any real business value. In addition to dashboards and information for management, the modern intranet must support the needs of operational staff to provide them with the information they need to get the job done more efficiently, wherever and however they wish to access this information.

Prometix Intranet projects deliver a true business tool, a place for doing things, not just reading things.

Improved Search and Collaboration

The system provides a central repository for all company digital content with a sophisticated search facility allowing fast identification of data, people, skills and other resources.

Allow users to work together better by providing powerful tools to allow people to collaborate as teams on documents and projects.

Social media features like wikis and blogs allow management and staff to communicate to be more productive and develop a knowledge management and sharing culture.


  • Easy to use structure for managing all company’s digital content
  • Easy to understand training for administrators and content owners
  • Unified presentation layer to manage​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Develop a sense of community and engagement with the company
  • Web based system with a simple, intuitive design, to access where information is easy to find and accessible via mobile devices and smart phones
  • Advanced search allowing users to find resources by skill type as well as name and title, department
  • Look up individuals and subject matter experts from all group companies
  • Personalised sites allow users to see only information that is relevant to them​​​​​​​​ roject sites to allow users to collaborate on projects and documents


At Prometix, we truly believe that knowledge grows exponentially when shared. People, conversations and connections forms basis of learning the unknown supporting innovative thinking. With this aim we periodically keep adding our experiences, suggestions and tips in form of knowledge articles in our blog.

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